The Core Responsibilities of a Building Manager

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No project can run flawlessly without a building manager. Whether they are there to supervise the installation of access panels; the application of drywall; or the pouring of the foundation; whatever the tasks might be, a building manager has a very important role in ensuring a project runs smoothly. A building manager facilitates the day-to-day operations and functions and makes certain everything is going smoothly. Their roles can sometimes be underrated; however, they are a key function to any build and project. 

The role of building management falls under property management services. The roles, responsibilities, and duties of the building manager may vary depending on the type of project and build. 

Here are some of the core responsibilities of a building manager. 

Project Management 

If some work needs to be done, a building manager would be the go-to person. They would be responsible for any building maintenance and repair. For example, should they require access to plumbing or electrical and therefore an access panel is required, a building manager would be the point of contact is not only installing it but also to make sure that it is the correct type of panel required. 

Should any significant projects need to be undertaken for the building or property, the building manager would manage these projects. They have a better knowledge of the building requirements and standards better than anyone else; they would be the best person to provide consultation and confirmation for the project. Depending on the size of the building, a building manager may have staff underneath them, which they would delegate electrical, plumbing, and HVAC repairs. 

Building managers commonly have many years of experience and can provide the best advice and approach to property maintenance. 

Safety and Security 

One of the biggest things that a building manager would be responsible for overseeing the safety and security of the building and its tenants. From ensuring proper fire prevention systems are in place to provide security to the overall building. A building manager may have the role of leading a team of security staff, depending on how large of a building it is.

Other responsibilities of a building manager include ensuring that the equipment is operational. For example, if there are security hatches or fireproof panels, it is important to ensure that they are not damaged or at risk of not being able to do their job to prevent any fire spreading and causing more damage. If a building manager is not equipped or knowledgeable in security and safety, he may contract out to another company to do the monthly, quarterly, or yearly inspections. These companies when hired may provide advice and recommendations on how to make changes or to enhance their services.  

Building Know-It-All 

As a building manager, one of their core strengths is the ability to make recommendations and know what will benefit their build. They can make judgment calls on the best practices and give suggestions as they have been managing the building and, in theory, know it better than most. For example, one of the tasks that the building manager may be responsible for is ensuring that the landscaping, snow removal, and ground maintenance contracts are active and being carried out. They know the landscaping their residents and clients want; therefore, they would proceed with the necessary steps required to carry out their clients’ wishes. The recommendations and suggestions by a building manager can enhance not only the functionality of a building but also in ensuring proper maximization and utilization of space as well.  

Project managers see more than just traditional buildings, which is why some projects are blindsided by their capability and not appointing one on board. The value that they can add can be so much more than dictating a schedule or a plan – they typically have experience in the field itself. In the construction industry, a project manager will often have the experience of having worked with various materials and makes of items.  

Consultant and Advisor 

At Best Access Doors, we collaborate with all facets of the construction industry. We offer the best of consultations in choosing the right access panels, along with a very diligent and dedicated team to assist you in every step of your access panels needs. We are prepared to help provide the best recommendations on how to ensure your next project has the best of the best when it comes to access panels and doors. 

We offer a vast array of access panels. They range from flushed to security to fire and soundproof – we know that providing the right product ensures that the maximum use of the panels is being benefited from. We strive to ensure that our products not only meet but also exceed the needs of our customers without breaking the bank. 

No matter how big or small the project is, without the proper support and guidance, a project can encounter delays and hiccups. By having the expertise hands and builders and staff on board, this means the project can move forward with as minimal issues as possible. Building managers provide the knowledge, experience, and oversight that is sometimes needed on a job. From making sure that each construction stage is going smoothly to having the correct access panel installed for walls or ceilings, having a building manager being involved in your construction is vital. 

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