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Reasons to opt For Plywood Instead of Solid Wood


Each one of us has discussions about whether to opt for solid wood or plywood furniture when it comes to make furniture. Now, there are many who will vote forever for solid wood but in the last few years, plywood has also made a reputation for itself and it is today giving stiff competition to the solid wood market. Plywood, often seen as a substitute of solid wood, is basically high in-demand and is used by many homeowners and building manufacturers There are varied types of plywood to understand its usage in an effective way.

Interestingly, to know which plywood the best for you is, you should also know the purpose of it. For instance: if you decide to go for a wall shelve designing, then it is best to go with hardwood plywood. These types of plywood have strength and stiffness and are highly resistant to damage and wear.



Common types of plywood available in the market:

  • Softwood plywood
  • Hardwood plywood
  • Flexible plywood
  • Aircraft plywood
  • Fire retardant grade plywood
  • Marine plywood
  • Tropical plywood
  • Decorative plywood
  • Moisture-resistant plywood
  • Sign-grade plywood
  • Pressure-treated plywood
  • Boiling water resistant plywood

Why choose plywood over solid wood?

#1.  Plywood is eco-friendly material:

Now, since wood is involved, we know we will have to cut trees. But the truth is plywood produces less wastage of tree logs. So, making a plywood sheet requires less wood than manufacturing solid wooden products. This is highly important these days given the raging influence of climate change. 

#2. Plywood is cheaper than solid wood:

This is a universal truth and we all know that solid wooden products cost much more than products made of plywood. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons why plywood has gained importance among the home owners across the world.



#3. Plywood is easy to transport:

This, again, is important given the fact that we are dealing with buildings, homes and offices. Plywood is lighter in weight as compared to solid wooden sheets and therefore can be easily transported. Also, almost every portion of the plywood sheet can be used.

#4. Plywood can be used for all purposes:

We have mentioned that plywood comes into various types such as boiling water resistant and moisture resistant. For example: You want to make furniture for your beautiful garden area which does not have a shade. Now, naturally, rain might spoil your furniture. No, it won’t if you use boiling water resistant grade plywood, which will not harm your furniture even if it gets wet. So, plywood can be used for semi-outdoor, indoor and outdoor use. This multi-functional use is also applicable in case of solid wooden furniture. So, next time you step into a shop to buy a garden chair, keep this point in mind.

#5. Plywood comes in large sizes:

Plywood’s come in a variety of sizes and hence you can do a lot of innovative designs with these large-sized engineered wood products. It is not possible to get one big piece of solid wood to make entire furniture. In fact, this is one of the major reasons why plywood has become popular among buyers.

Plywood is strong, durable and effective. Given its variety, it can be used for several purposes be it at home, buildings or at the office. Plywood can easily fit into any curved area without any difficulty, thus making it easier for the manufacturer. Since it provides value for money and is lightweight, modern-world prefers plywood a lot.